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Thank You Healthcare Heroes

No purchase required, just an avenue to show your support for them if you'd like to do so. Hoping to provide them some moral support with this combined effort!

Inspired by a conversation with a personal close friend who has been transferred to the NCID to help due to the spike in cases, we felt deeply about doing something more for the healthcare workers - to ease them of their fears, to give them more courage, and more support in these challenging times.

We got the chance to hear the experience first hand. There is just, so much feelings that filled us after the conversation with our dear friend. The fears, the courage, the hard work.

We will be donating our essential oil roll-on to the healthcare workers. And if you'd like to join us in our initiative to give them some support, express your thoughts below! We will translate your messages into cards to be delivered to NCID together.

Thank you for joining efforts to give the healthcare heroes moral support!
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